Ideal Nutrition offers evidence based nutrition services for individual clients as appointments and offers nutrition education and health promotion services to corporate and community clients.

Sheeba Thiagarajan M.Sc., M.Phil., RNutr

Ideal nutrition services are evidence based, non-judgemental and ethical and believe in good communication , listening skills and maintaining partnership to create positive health promoting changes in the client.

Good nutrition can prevent

onset of chronic disease,

promote self care and healthy lifestyle, can reverse symptoms of health issues, is essential for growing children and proven cost-effective for long term health.


Ideal Nutrition


Individual appointments

Weight loss and maintenance

Eating well and health promotion

Eating well for disease prevention

Menu plans

Vegetarian nutrition

Eating well for exams

Nutrition in pregnancy, during lactation, children, adults and elderly

Weaning foods, fussy eating

Nutrition and gut health

Sports Nutrition

Corporate/ community nutrition education (workshops/talks/presentations/seminars)